Friday, 13 April 2012

And another thing...

This is a crazy little mixtape from Kiwistar - prepare yourself for a wild ride!

Kiwistar - Minitape for Glade Festival - Vaudeville Rave Stage Contest by Kiwistar 


Swing Rebellion

It has been a busy few days for this blog, so it is perhaps a good thing that I will be heading out to the country this weekend to indulge my other passion in life, cricket. 

Before doing so I would like to take the opportunity to  welcome the good people behind another new site to the online world of electro-swing - in their own words is "a platform for electro-swing enthusiasts" and contains info on events, artists and the electro-swing lifestyle. Some of the names will be familiar to readers of this blog - Jamko, The Electric Swing Circus's Mr Tophat and Mme Electrifie. You may even see the occasional contribution from Jack himself.

There is also a mixcloud podcast available to listen to - check it out!

Welcome, chaps!


Swingstep from Senor Zazou

Just came across this on Soundcloud and I think it utterly splendid. I love it when I find something really grubby!

->Scrape Swing<- Senor ZAzou!!!!Mash Up (Sweet Life Society VS Ozma VS Sub Focus VS Counterstrike) by SeƱor ZazoO