Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MUSIC REVIEW: Dutty Moonshine - Rum Runners LP

Since Dutty Moonshine have just done three sets in the legendary Shangri-La at Glastonbury, I thought now might be an opportune moment to review their latest release.

Dutty Moonshine's brew is always a unique take on the vintage remix sound, using only the finest ingredients and the freshest cuts, a far cry from the some of the more generic electro-swing out there. Their DJ sets are prohibition-inspired cocktails of their own tried and tested, crate-aged Moonshine mixed with bootlegs and mash-ups of their own devising, and sprinkled with their own secret blend of beats. With a new member on-board in the shape of former DnB and Dubstep producer Danny Wav, they have been hidden away in the woods cooking up their latest brew, distilling 100% pure joy into their latest release "Rum Runners LP".
It is no secret that I love the energy that the Dutties put into all that they do, from Mike's onstage antics to their high-octane take on vintage remix. However, it is also no secret that I have, in fact, NO MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE, TALENT OR SKILL WHAT SO EVER, so I have decided to ask my chum Chris, an accomplished blues guitarist and dance music producer to give us a more informed opinion. Here is what he had to say:
"Dutty Moonshine. Now there’s a name we’re going to hear a lot of in the future, if they continue to produce high quality tracks such as those that are complied together on the Rum Runners L.P.

From the offset keeping your feet still is very hard to manage. This is simply down to the rousing, building bass lines, expertly mixed into grimy techno-esque beats and the addition of stabbing synths. With this is mind “Bang Bang Boom” particularly hits you, stirring up memories of all night parties and pounding beats that welcome in the morning sun. As the L.P. progresses this is a characteristic that never drops. The clever vocal, and musical samples are expertly mixed, ensuring that the party vibe long continues. Don’t think and wonder, “what shall I put on next?” Put on Rum Runners and enjoy this musical treat!"

So there you have it - the view of a proper musician type.

By no means a generic, house-based electro-swing release, Rum Runners LP sees the Moonshiners join forces with several collaborators, including Kitten and the Hip on '"Showbiz", the garage MC Hypeman Sage on "Moonshine Hype", and Mica Millar on "Bang Bang Boom", a track which, for reasons I can't quite fathom, puts me in mind of Groove Armada.

The stand-out track on the LP is another collaboration, "Nano's Revenge", ft. Nano Sigo, whose scatting is twisted and stretched and bent into shape around a beat driven by blaring horns and pounding drum kicks. Catchy and glitchy, its a proper, jump-up electroswing tune.

All round, this release could have been a real let-down, but true to form Dutty Moonshine have produced 9 top-notch tunes that make your head nod and your toes tap. Full of beans and a little bit silly, this is a must-have album. Go and download it now!