Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Electric Empire Escapade at Brixton Electric - 30/11/13 - PREVIEW

This weekend sees the Electric Empire Escapade return to London's party scene. Serendipitously, the event falls just a few days after my birthday - which, apropos of nothing, is today, by the way - so I intend to be there in my gladrags, with bells on.

Wait, my gladrags don't have bells on.

Sod it, you know what I mean.

Anyway, the last EEE event I attended was some time ago (checking my records, I see that it was in February), and it is still in contention for the best party I have attended all year. However, it seems that the forthcoming event, at Brixton Electric could well steal the honours. February's event saw The Correspondents, Odjbox, McMash Clan, DJ Dodgy-style, and a host of other top names take to the stage. If anything, the line up for this weekend is even better. I bought my tickets just yesterday, so there are still some going - get in there quick though - you don't want to miss this gig.

Here are a few selected highlights from the line up:

Too Many Ts

Since they first came to my attention about 18 months ago these two south London rapping-type fellows have enjoyed a pretty rapid rise. This summer saw them warming up the Bestival stage for the mighty, nay, legendary Wu-Tang Clan, for heaven's sake. Their performance at EEE this weekend is part of their 'Beats We Wish We Had' tour, and this is one of the tracks from the EP of the same name.

Krafty Kuts

All together now: Trick tricka trick tricka trick tricka trick technology! Krafty Kuts is one of the most respected DJs in any form of electronic music. I fondly (yet vaguely) remember raving on the speakers to one of his sets at some festival or other a few years ago. His longtime running-mate A-skills will be perfoming at EEE as well, so here they are together:


Odjbox has been describes as the "DJ's DJ", and is responsible for some of the biggest and dirtiest electroswing out there. The Canadian ghetto funk/electro-blues/electroswing producer Defunk cites his work as a major influence, and he has rocked crowds at festivals and club nights across the UK this summer. This is one of his better known works - in my view a classic of the electroswing genre, if it is possible for something to become a classic in a couple of years.

DJ Dodgy-style

What more can I say about this guy? I have written in praise of his live sets and soundcloud mixes that I am beginning to sound like one of his tasty scratches. At Boomtown his blend of hip-hop, drum n bass, swing and breaks made the Ballroom bounce. He has an ear for a banging mashup, as this little balkan-flavoured ditty demonstrates.

Madame Electrifie's Discotech

The gorgous and wonderful Madame Electrifie returns to EEE following a storming summer at festivals around the country, including her own tent at Boomtown. As is her wont she is bringing with her some of the finest exponents of the electroswing sound in the country. She throws one hell of a party, so room 2 should be just as banging as the main room. Here is a little sample of what she got up to at Boomtown Fair to whet your appetite.


One of the people providing the tunes in room 2 will be the ever-splendid DonJohnston. He too made a bit of a stir at Boomtown with his sidekick and vocalist Leo Wood. Recently they have released the 'September' EP on Freshly Squeezed. It sounds a little like this:

HEADLINERS: Big Gigantic

This duo are new to me, but a little light OnesTube browsing has lead me to believe that they put on one heck of a show. As the blurb for EEE puts it:

Consisting of live saxophone, drums and production, this pairing put on a show like none other! Known for their high-energy live performances, their shows combine the improvisational dynamics of jam bands and jazz with DJ-style production - bass tones, synthesizers. Be the first to see the delights of Big Gigantic in this country, they've already taken over America, now its time for world domination!!
Don't take my word for it though - check out their remix of that song about being a bit strapped for cash and make your own mind up.

So there you have it - just a few of the amazing artists who you can catch this Saturday (30th November 2013) at Brixton Electric, all for under £20 per person. Get your tickets sharpish before they all go! Insert finger here to do so.

Did I mention that it's my birthday? Good. I'll see you at the bar on Saturday. Mine's a Gin and Tonic, ta.