Monday, 19 November 2012

Electro-swing awards 2012 - nominations are in.

At 10:45 this morning I received and email I had been looking forward to for a week or so. It contained the names of those producers, DJs, bands, parties and blogs nominated in this year's Electro-Swing awards.

To my great delight and surprise, this blog has been nominated in the 'Best Blog' category. I cannot begin to say how proud of this I am, given that the page has only been running for a few months, and the fact that this year the nominations were made by people directly involved in the electro-swing world - DJs, other bloggers, producers and so on - who ever wins in the end, to be acknowledged by the industry is a great feeling and honour- thanks to all who voted for me.

There will be a public vote starting next Monday (26th November, my birthday!), so I will need your votes! Please follow this link to the Facebook page for the awards and join the event so that you can vote! 

Below is the full list of nominees and categories for the awards.

Best Electro Swing DJ Producer In 2012...  

Parov Stelar
Grant Lazlo
Wolfie Razzmatazz
Swing Republic

Best Electro Swing VJ In 2012...

Doc Terry
Nick Hollywood

Best Electro Swing Band In 2012

Caravan Palace
Parov Stelar
Electric Swing Circus

Best Electro Swing SOLO LIVE ACT In 2012..

Alice Francis
Cab Canavaral

Best Electro Swing DJ LIVE ACT In 2012

Wolfie Razzamatazz
Sound Nomaden

Best Electro Swing PRODUCER In 2012

Jamie Berry

Best Electro Swing ALBUM In 2012

Parov Stelar - "The Princess " 
Caravan Palace - "Panic"
Skeewiff - "Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks"

Best Electro Swing REMIX JOB In 2012...

Alice Francis - "Shoot him down" (Parov Stelar remix)
Swing Republic - "Crazy in love" (C@t in the h@ remix)
Peggy Lee - "Fever" (Stavroz remix)

Best Electro Swing BLOG In 2012
Swing Rebellion
Sunday Swing
Jack the Cad

Best Electro Swing RADIO SHOW In 2012

Electro Swing Revolution
Freshly Squeezed
Bart&Baker Happy Hour

Best Electro Swing MIXTAPE In 2012

Wolfie Razzmatazz - "Whomp Concerto"
Tony Maroni - "Summerswing"
Madame Summit - "Elephant Swinging"

Best Electro Swing COMPILATION In 2012

Electro Swing V
Electro Swing revolution 3

Best LABEL for Electro Swing Music In 2012

Freshly Squeezed
Chin Chin
Etage Noir

Best Electro Swing PARTY In 2012...

Electro Swing Club London
Cirque de la Nuit
It's a Swing thing
Electro Swing Berlin

Best Electro Swing Graphic or Design Job In 2012

Caravan Palace Panic Album
Electro Swing Club Flyers
Cirque de la Nuit flyers

Best Electro Swing SOLO HOPE FOR 2012

Kid Kasino
Vassili Gemini


Chris Tofu
Nick Hollywood

There are some really interesting nominations here. I am very pleased to see Skeewiff getting support in the best producer and album categories, and that C@ in the H@, Vassili Gemini, Wolfie Razzamatazz and the Electric Swing Circus are all in the running for awards. Most pleasing of all is that Chris Tofu is up for the Outstanding Contribution award, given his recent trip to hospital for serious brain surgery. Surprising omissions from the list, in my view at any rate, are Swingrowers, Captain Flatcap and Odjbox. 

It would be great if you would all cast your votes next week. Here is the link again!

Vote JACK!