Friday, 25 March 2016

Big Swing Soundsystem studio mix EXCLUSIVE - blindingly cheeky

A week or so ago Kaptin from Big Swing Soundsystem asked if I'd be interested in hosting a new mixtape of theirs. Of course the answer was yes, but having just started a new job, I didn't have time to write an accompanying post, so I made Kap do it himself. Here's what he had to say, and the link to the banging new jungle swing mix at the bottom.

Having been junglists since it first popped out of the rave scene in the early 90s, and vintage remix DJs for well over a decade, it was inevitable that we would be drawn to the Swing & Bass sounds on this new mix.

We tried to keep away from the obvious, or too many of the big crowd pleasers you'd have probably heard if you'd come to see us live, however we couldn't help but drop a few in there.  Like all of our recorded mixes though, we didn't approach it like one of our DJ sets, we wanted it to work as a proper listening experience… that just happens to get you dancing your ass off too.

It kicks off with our old friend and fellow Cardiffian, High Contrast.  This has been a long time staple of ours and it's just a damn find remix that brings back a little more of the Ray Charles flavour than just straight up Kanye.  Following that is the classic DJ Fresh tune, All That Jazz.  We can't believe that we left it off our old skool 'Under The Influence'  mix but now we're glad we did as it sits nicely in this selection.  Plus from even earlier still is the classic Touch & Go track 'Would You…?'

There's a couple of newer Junglish tracks with a heavy swing flavour from Potential Badboy & Fats MC and N3GUS & Jakes, a TC remix of Tiggs Da Author (loving that guy right now) and some of our Electro Swing and festival friends are of course present in the shapes of Smokey Joe & The Kid, Phil Mac, Dutty Moonshine, JFB, Dirty Honkers, F Block (another fellow Cardiff man) and Jamie Berry, who supplies a remix for one of our favourite combos ever, Marcella Puppini and New York rapper RA The Rugged Man.  RA isn't our only rapper represented either, Alsace Carcione from Dallas, Texas is on here with a criminally over looked track that will have you shaking your 'thing' all over the place.

Finishing off with another All That Jazz.  Nope it's not our man Castro's tune (that can be found on our 2013 BoomTown mix)   but a ridiculously heavy tune from Canadian producer Defunk, which might win the price for most tearing Swing & Bass track on the planet.

Anyway, here's the link, we hope you enjoy and do come and see us this festival season, we shall be back at Glastonbury, BoomTown, Bestival and Womad, whilst also heading to Big Love (where we shall be hosting the Vintage Remix Ball in Baskerville Hall), Secret Solstice in Iceland, and Kelburn Garden Party up there in Scotland for the first time.