Monday, 25 February 2013

Jack's Top Tracks - Feb 25 2013 - the best electroswing on the web

Welcome to the second edition of Jack's Top Tracks. Did you have a good weekend? The end of last week was the blog's first birthday, so watch out for my little celebratory video, coming soon. This will be the first of several multimedia, 21st century offerings that will be coming your way in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, let's get on with this week's selection, shall we?


Dimie Cat - La Voiture

Now, following last week's post featuring Kitten and the Hip,  some of you might be thinking that I just have a thing about girls in shorts, but I can assure you that I am selecting this video from French singer Dimie Cat for its happly little bassline, comedy brass section, and the general jollity of the whole thing. Oh, all right, for the shorts as well. This is a video of a track taken from her second album Zig Zag, which is out now and available to buy from her website.

Kinda Newish

C2C - TV intervew and demo

Staying in France, here is an interview and demo from C2C. Sadly it is in French. If you do happen to speak the lingo, it is rather in interesting little piece. If you don't I feel sure you will get the gist. I have featured C2C on this blog so many times, but I continue to find their work fascinating and intoxicating.


Extra Medium - 'Tamtam - Little Girl (Extra Medium remix)

Just came across this fella as I was on the train back to London. I know very little about him, save that he is based in Bournemouth and makes electro-swing. This track is his latest offering on Soundcloud. I love the piano, and the laid-back roll of the beats. The wobbles towards the end are pretty tasty too. Is it me, or does the singer (Tamtam) sound quite a lot like Adele?


Lamuzguele - Claque des Doigts

I have been meaning to mention these guys for ages, but never seem to get 'round to it. Yet another French outfit, these guys come from Grenoble, and are about to embark on a European Tour. This video has been released in order to promote said jaunt. They are spending quite some time here in the UK, so be sure to catch them. I think of them as France's answer to the Electric Swing Circus. There's even a fella with goggles on his topper.


Dr Cat - The Real Tuesday Weld - 'Me and Mr. Wolf' (Dr. Cat Remix

The Real Tuesday Weld were pioneers of the antique beat, and are famous across London's cabaret scene. This remix of their work by Dr. Cat is taken from the new compilation album brought to us by Green Queen Music, the label that he runs with DJ Pony [Montana]. The compilation also includes new material from Swingrowers, Kiwistar and favourites like Skeewiff, Odjbox and Grant Lazlo. The compilation is available to buy on 3rd March.

So, that wraps it up for another week. I am always interested in what you think of my selection. Get in touch! Likewise, if you are a producer or band, send me your stuff and I might include it next week.