Saturday, 26 October 2013

Electric Swing Circus announce remix competition

As you may know, I am a big fan of the Electric Swing Circus. This is even more the case since I caught them live for the first time at Boomtown this summer. Not only did they blow the roof off the Ballroom tent (which was both packed and bouncing), but they are a really nice bunch. I spent much of the rest of the evening chatting with Chandra, the pianist and drummer, and exploring the rest of the festival.

Tom from the band contacted me recently to let me know about a remix competition they have launched. These competitions are always full of interest, and it is fascinating to see what happens when different producers and DJs get their hands on other peoples' music. The track they have put up for remixes is called 'Bella Belle' - the video is below - it is a bit of a stomper, so this could be a fun competition. The winner will be selected by the band and released on Ragtime Records with the next ESC EP, so it is well worth having a crack.

For full details, have a look at the website and have a read.

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