Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A right old Rumpus: Mr B causing a scene

Max Golfar gives you the inside track on Chap-hop's leading light, and catches up with him for a chat.

Your favourite chap is back again. After a summer of Gentlemanly escapades and multiple festivals every week, the original rhymer, Mr.B, has brought us an early Christmas gift in the form his new album ‘There’s A Rumpus Going On’. 

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer has once again delivered his own unique signature take on Hip-Hop by adding that ‘chap’ flair, known as it’s own genre ‘Chap-Hop’. 

When Mr.B isn’t having a perfectly made cup of tea or playing a game of cricket, he is writing the finest rhymes to create a right Rumpus for us to enjoy. 14 full songs on the album which is some of his most creative work yet. The production value is immaculate and the rhythmical flow is as smooth as ever. 

LA beats and general wobbly instrumental, old stool hip-hop, music hall and George Formby

The whole album is a great listen and each song is unique. For me the standout songs on the album are ‘So Many Reggie Perrins In The Arse End Of Space’, ‘Hitler Gifs’, ‘Ollie and Stan’, ‘We Need To Talk About Kanye’ and ‘Youth, Truth, Gin, Vermouth’.

Unlike Mr. Reginald Perrin ever was, we are treated to a beguiling set of hip-hop beats through the album. ‘Hitler Gifs’ had my sides bursting, it’s not often I feel the need to dance whilst giggling. ‘Ollie and Stan’ has some jungle breaks half way through, which was a cool change up of pace on the album. Perhaps we’ll start to see Mr.B MC’ing over some heavy Jump Up next? Ok probably not, but this certainly got me skanking nonetheless.

Do you ever feel sad? Well Mr.B has treated us to a track that is 100% guaranteed to make you feel better, titled ‘The Happy Song’. I dare you to try listen to it without having smile on your face the whole way through.

‘We Need To Talk about Kanye’ starts off with a tribute to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which suits really well with Mr.B’s delightful chap-y vocals. Kanye West is yet to respond to the track, but the logical assumption is that he is afraid to rear his head after the roasting Mr.B has delivered.

Mr.B is currently on his album tour, having already done one and a half months, with another month and a half to go. Expect to see our favourite Gentleman Rhymer everywhere from London to Birmingham and even Manchester, travelling to all gigs via his Penny Farthing of course! 

Overall, a really fun and enjoyable album, and one I would highly recommend. I was lucky enough to see him perform at Bestival this summer, and if you get the opportunity to catch The Gentleman Rhymer, do so, as you won’t regret it! A charming chap who puts on a great show. I managed to catch up with Mr.B to talk about his latest album, along with a couple other topics including his influences. Check out our interview together below, but first, here's an acoustic version of one of the album tracks.

Congratulations on the release of the album, how long has this been in the works and would you say that this is your best work yet? 

This one has taken a while. I started it in the middle of last year, but then decided to do Mr.B’s Christmas Album, so started again earlier this year and throughout the summer, whilst doing about three festivals a week. It was somewhat hectic and the closest I have ever felt to actual ‘work’. Sorry to do a four letter word there.

The production quality is fantastic, so I'm sure many people are wondering what production software did you use to put the music together?

This album was largely put together on Reason 9, which is nice and easy for a luddite like me. I have recently started using Logic, but it appears to be terribly glitchy. Things disappearing and all that sort of thing. I shall persevere though.

Which artists inspire you and your work? 

Of late I’ve been listening to a lot of lo-fi hip-hop, LA beats and general wobbly instrumental things. My overriding influences remain the same though - old stool hip-hop, music hall, George Formby, Ronald Frankau...

Would you have any stories of your years with your school chum Acid Ted, that you would like to share? 

Glad, almost all of them have been forgotten amidst a fun of Absinthe. Heart of gold though, even if he’s a tad flighty.

Other than Hip-Hop and Rap, what does Mr.B like to listen to in his spare time?

All sorts. Last week in the motor car I listened to Duke Ellington, Elvis, Parliament and Nirvana, as well as the new Tribe Called Quest album, which was a timely reminder of how great hip-hop can be.

Kanye or Trump?

They both have titanic egos, but one is a racist, misogynist bigot and now in charge of everything, so I don’t fear The Kanye, just give him a bit of a ribbing every now and again.

To be honest I have a soft Spot for old Westy. I think if one is making music one ought to think it’s the best music there is. Otherwise why bother? Just listen to someone else’s. 

What is next for Mr.B?

I’m back in the studio working on the next Mr.B The Gentleman Selector long player, the second in the Chapstep series. It’s called Absinthe House and, like its predecessor ‘Acid Ragtime’ it’s a chap’s take on dance music (another love of mine). I think this one is going to be something of a winner.

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